Naansense Restaurant Review

By Palak Patel

Naansense, a chipotle style, make it your way Indian fast food restaurant just opened this past month. Located 171 N. Wells St. is the hottest new lunch location in the loop. The owners of this restaurant  wanted to create an innovative way to eat  traditional Indian food, and they are definitely off to a good start! Standing out among most Indian Fast Food places, Naansense is hip and trendy.  Their menu includes ingredients such as quiona salad and home made farmer’s cheese, and all their ingredients are freshly made. The owners have roots from all over the world, including India, London, Chicago and Mexico City.

I ordered the vegetarian rice bowl, with brown rice, makahni sauce, pickled onions, coleslaw and mint cilantro. I also got the spiced fries and a mango lassi on the side. The mango lassi and the fries were absolutely delicious! I would go again just for the fries. The main dish was definitely spicy, like I asked for, and still flavorful. My friends got the lamb and chicken, which apparently tasted better than the vegetarian. The staff was extremely friendly, and the owner even came to sit down and chat with us while we ate.

Overall the atmosphere and the staff were phenomenal! The food was really good too, especially the fries. However, I think next time I go will stick with a Chef recommended item, since the “make your own bowl” could be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the ingredients.
If you decide to go here, remember to show your student ID for 20% off!

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